When the SC pronounced the verdict of the disproportionate assets case, after 20 years of spirited legal struggle, justice had been delivered. The prime accused, former CM Jayalalitha and her associates including the present general secretary of the AIADMK Sasikala was adjudged guilty of misuse of office, disproportionate assets, criminal conspiracy and corruption. The SC held that Jaya and co. have involved in planned conspiracies to accumulate wealth to the extent that the public prosecutor Justice Acharya said, he considered writing a book on the methods of fraud adopted by Jaya to indulge in corruption and later dropped it, because he feared that would serve as a ‘Guide to corruption’ for years to follow. The public in Tamil Nadu celebrated the judgement by which Sasikala lost her right to contest in elections for ten years. An irony was that, even ADMK leaders from non – Sasikala faction celebrated this judgement explanatory of their political knowledge. The media in TN, also focussed this as a judgement against Sasikala, still justifying their glorification of Jaya as the personification of purity and sacrifice. We cannot but stress on the fact that the Tamil media is highly brahminical, thus biased and have lost any affinity to truth or justice. This distortion by the media is strongly condemnable. The SC verdict has established beyond reasonable doubt that Jaya was extensively corrupt and unjust to the people of TN who voted for her. It has indeed said that Jaya accommodated Sasikala with cold-blooded calculation to keep herself secure from any legal complications which may arise from their criminal activities. The media and the intelligentsia should stop glorifying a convicted criminal who was corrupt, dictatorial and cunning towards people. The civil society should reject any leader or party which claims this corrupt autocrat to be their idol. Photos of this convicted criminal should be removed from public offices as they can encourage corruption. The delayed justice which has changed the fate of TN is also deeply regretted.