Shibi Nandan

It is almost for a month that the Tamil Nadu witnesses an uprise against extraction of hydrocarbon at Neduvasal in Pudukottai district. Youth and environmentalists have joined hands with the villagers and farmers of Neduvasal in this combat to save one of the fertile deltas of the state.
The project proposed consists of 31 sites for extracting hydrocarbon. This project will reduce India’s oil imports by 10% by 2022, as India imports 90% of its oil needs. As oil plays an influential role in global politics, reducing imports of oil and natural gas is a great boon. But can we do that at the cost of one of the fertile deltas of the country. The world is taking a turn towards sustainable and renewable energy. But India still is stuck in the conventional way of producing energy.
Moreover Tamil Nadu is been dumped with projects which cause huge damage the environment. Tamil Nadu has two nuclear power plants, and the people had struggle hard to chase the methane project away, and now comes the hydrocarbons project. The land acquisition method of the government as worse as a land mafia. The farmers are been pestered upon so often in order to get their land. In the land where exploratory well was dug by ONGC 2 kms away from Neduvasal has become barren. This has terrified the farmers of Neduvasal.
The government looks at Cauvery delta as an oil milching cow, they don’t look at how this delta feeds people and the mullions of people who live on the land and cultivate that.
Secrecy is still maintained in the method of extracting oil and natural gas from these lands, which is still terrifying because if methods like shale extraction is used it would damage water table of the land by polluting it. As these lands are located close to the shore, when oil is extracted there is more chance that sea water seeps in and makes the land and water saline. The cultivation in Neduvasal is completely dependant on bore wells.
We also witness centre’s indifference to the protest and state’s slow action. This shows how they are keen to implement the project no matter what are who is affected. The only solution in front of us right now is to protest.