Sangami GS 

There she was, sitting on the verandah with her cat (who is so full of himself!). Her clothes were damp with detergents and sweat after a long day of work at home. It was that day of the month where her mom rushes early in the morning to the ration shop with all the bags and containers as all the other women. And she barely sees her dad these days, he leaves early and comes home late. The cat and aatha keeps her company other than her constantly tired hands. Whenever Gundamma finds a penny or two, she hides it under a rock near a huge banyan tree at the end of their street. It was her emergency piggy bank. She also uses them to get betel leaves for aatha. Anyway, that evening, there were lot of JCBs and trucks in her lane making it all noisy. She came to know that some company has bought a big chunk of land nearby from some farmers to put up a belt of solar panels. They have been clearing up the land and all the trees around for this and most of the people on her street didn’t actually know why they are putting this up! She was trying hard to explain it to aatha while she was munching on the leaves. She was kinda angry that she lost a whole lot of coins she saved to the solar panels. She saw a man coming towards her asking for some water. She gave him a bowl of water and asked him, “ why are you doing this?”. He wasn’t very much interested in answering her, he snorted back with, “ you get electricity! Now you can sit under the fan all day! Haha, dumb girl!”. He left. Anyway, she saw her mother coming back with bags half filled and helped her with it. She was panting and sweating with parched lips, asking for water as she came and sat beside the cat and sighed, “ it’s so hot outside! I carried the bags on my head for shade”. And she dozed off as the bags were lying under their broken fan.